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Welcome weary traveler of the inter-webs! I am Glen Specter, master of this realm. Have you come seeking thrills? Excitement? Guilty pleasure perhaps? If so – BEGONE! I’m not interested in pandering to your ‘lol-speak’ or posting pin-ups of fictional females for you to gawk at! Go look at Cheezburger or Deviant Art for that. Tell them old man Specter sent you!


My mission here is simple – to record on this ‘web log’ (or blog, as some of my more tech-savvy bond-servants call them), the labours I endure to create a comic book I have titled “The Uncanny Deadsiders”!


If you enjoy zombies and superheroes, and are of rational mind and of moderately attractive visage, you will find something of interest here. For “The Uncanny Deadsiders” is a tale of Jack O'Brien, a man who finds his calling as a hero just as the world collapses into a zombie apocalypse. When Jack is bitten by a zombie and falls dead, he is resurrected not as a mindless corpse, but as a being with strange superpowers. Finding others like him among the ruins of society, Jack gathers these 'Deadsiders' together into a team of unlikely superheroes called “the Specters” (catchy, eh?), fighting against the forces of darkness, and searching for the answer behind the mystery of the zombie outbreak.


Here you will witness my journey from concept, to script, to full-blown final artwork, which I hope you might find interesting, pedagogical, and (if the rising moon aligns with Shaggoth’s will) entertaining enough for you to return, post after zombie-filled post.

My ultimate goal is the production of a final comic book, which I may pitch to Image Comics or some other creator-friendly organization. But, failing that, I might take a more independent publishing route. Only time will tell. I hope you tarry long enough to witness my journey – its triumphs, its pitfalls, and its failures – so that we may carry each other to its bitter end.

A warning, however – my old mind tends to wander (perhaps from years of playing Candy Crush), so I might post things unrelated to my comic book, but related to zombies and superheroes in general. For I love these things like any fanboy loves his Mountain Dew. And since this is my blog, try and stop me! BOOWAHHAAHAA!

{Cough! Ack! Cough!}

Away with you! The cobwebs in my mind grow denser, and I weary of our discourse. Don’t forget to subscribe to me, for I’m told that it is important to build a ‘following’ (although I always thought blood sacrifice to Darumu did that, but what’s an old man to know!)

Yours In Eternal Madness,
G. S.

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