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My name is Glen Specter. I am the author of "Dying to Draw". Fear me!

(me (far right) with 'friends' at Comic Con San Diego 2014) 

In 2012, something terrible happened to me - I turned 39 years old. I was one year away from the big “Four–OH”. My God, can you understand my panic?! (If you're over forty as I am now, you might recognize my sudden, painful awareness of lost youth and approaching death as the cheerfully euphemized term, the “mid-life crisis”.)

At that time, my career in TV kids’ animation had hit a dead end. I was commuting over two hours each day to a job I'd come to loathe. Animating cartoons was fun (relative to say, working at a toxic waste dump), but it was also creatively draining. I missed drawing my own characters. And most of all, I missed creating my own stories.

I also realized my office job was keeping me away from my family – my wife and my two little boys.

While I'd like to say I yelled “Screw it!”, over-turned my desk and ran straight home to start my new comic book career, it didn't quite play out like that. However, that same year I ditched my cushy corporate animation job and delved headlong into the world of self-employment as a freelance animator. Presently I continue to support myself as an animator, doing freelance work from home.

Since then it's been a terribly slow crawl towards finding the courage to commit to a personal comic book project full-time. But after all the fear and self-doubt, this blog is my way of saying "I'm doing this!"

I hope “The Uncanny Deadsiders” turns into something big. But who knows - I could fall flat on my face. God knows it's happened before. So I'll use this blog to document my journey, whatever the outcome. I hope you find it funny, interesting and informative.



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