Monday, 30 September 2019

Happy October 2019 - glenspecter now on Instagram!

Hello my brave readers,

The chilling month of October has inspired me to shake the rigor mortis from my limbs and start drawing again!

First, some news: you'll now be able to find new Glen Specter content on Instagram
That's right! Even an old dog like me can learn new tricks! I'm hip to your grove you filthy youngsters!

Second, I've decided to participate in Inktober! Stay tuned for posts of my progress (if any LOL!) I shall give it the old college try but even as I type this it seems my limbs wish to slumber again...

Third, take heart reader, as I haven't forgotten the "Uncanny Deadsiders". My thoughts on this project have changed, and at the end of Inktober I'll have more news to share. But fear not! My passion for zombie superheroes has not wavered, and I am determined to take my project to the next level of jaw dropping terror. Look to my Inktober posts for clues about what's been rattling around in this old skull of mine this past year. Yep - I have more projects I'd like to explore, all of them bone-chillingly horrific!

October is upon us, and soon Halloween! Happy October everyone!

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