Tuesday, 4 September 2018

"Heroes of the Dead" is now "The Uncanny Deadkind"

Yep, you heard right: "Heroes of the Dead" is now called "The Uncanny Deadkind" TM Glen Specter.

Why the change? "Heroes of the Dead" just never felt strong enough to me. It had a nice ring to it but somehow sounded too general or generic. I came up with the word "Deadkind" to describe what our heroes have become, which I liked better than "Unnaturals" (which again sounded too generic). I threw in "Uncanny" as a little homage to the superhero genre, and there you have it. My team of weird halloween superheros are now called "the Uncanny Deadkind"!

I wanted a strong title and a strong brand going in to my new strategy for publishing: I've decided to forego self-publishing on Comixology and instead I'll be pitching my book to a number of publishers with open submissions. I'm hoping that partnering with an established publisher will help prevent "Deadkind" from getting buried beneath the Internet's overwhelming mountain of comic book content.

That said, I've also been working on the website for my own publishing brand, spectercomics.com! Stay tuned for more details!


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