Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Final artwork - Maggie gets a makeover stretch here before I hand in my comic for the "Creators 4 Creators" contest (

I'm making some final tweeks on my comic - some little dialogue changes here and there to make things flow better. But on this page I decided to redraw Maggie, the little psychic girl Jack meets at High Gate church (formally Sanctuary - see, little tweeks!)

I changed her design a bit (she used to be blond and generic looking), as I've been thinking about her role in the story and I've decided to make her a very important character down the road. Originally I just threw her in as a creepy girl who might portend future doom for our heroes, but as the story has evolved in my head Maggie's role has become much bigger. I plan to show her evolve into a powerful hero, one who ultimately holds the fate of the world in her hands. So yeah, I thought I'd better make her cool looking! I'm happier with her look here, so I thought I'd share it on the blog.

So with this final art revision done, I think the comic is ready to go! I'm nervously assembling the proposal package and plan to hit "Send" in the next couple of days. It sort of feels like everything I've been working for is suddenly pivoting on this one contest (which is probably a stupid and unrealistic frame of mind considering my odds of winning). Anyway, I will make a post once the ship has sailed!

Wish me luck! (Or doom, whichever you prefer.)

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