Thursday, 9 June 2016

Final artwork - spoiler alert!

Here ya go, the last panels of page 24! Who are these desperate bandits? And why are they such jerks, robbing a young family and their small baby, leaving them to be zombie food? WHO?!! As you can see there is a big reveal near the end here, but I ain't giving it away!

So page 24 is done...but I had a big revision to do on page 8 (as in, redraw the whole page...) Thus, I am still toiling away to finish issue #1. I literally have one panel left to clean up. ONE. And it has sat there mocking me for about five days now. That's what happens when things like a new job, your kid's birthday, and a nasty stomach virus that made your youngest son barf all over his car seat take your focus away from your project.

But I shall prevail! That panel shall be vanquished! You all will be the first to know when it's done!

My plan going forward is to finish the artwork and then have a few of my friends give the comic a test-read and critique before I package it up for the "Creator for Creators" contest.

So stay tuned for my cathartic scream of victory when I slam dunk that last bloody panel!


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