Thursday, 5 May 2016

Full Page - final art for page #20

As promised, here's the final composition of page #20. I like this page a lot, even though there's no action or anything. I like giving characters a voice through their dialogue, so much fun to write! Originally I just had the panels of the characters on a black background, and with the huge amounts of dialogue it looked awful. Even I got bored looking at it. So I threw Jack's in the background to show his reaction to meeting all these people and broke up the panels into a more interesting composition. Now it's much more fun to read. Enjoy!

In other news, there has been an exciting development over at Image that has made my head spin!! Check out  for the details. I'll be posting about this soon. It's completely changed my game plan for the comic, hopefully in a good way. Anyway, I'll write a post about my future plans for "Heroes of the Dead" as issue #1 nears completion. Stay tuned!

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