Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Monsterus - I think this is the final one :)

So I was thinking...my old Monsterus design wasn't animal-like enough. I wanted him to be a wild beast, not just a big old shambling zombie. So I decided to make him a were-rat...thing. Fingers crossed this is the keeper (I hope so as I'm doing the final art on Monsterus' first appearance this week!).

Rus' story arc will be how he devolves into his animal side and goes wild, losing his humanity, so I hope this design reflects that better. Plus I always thought if I was a kid, I'd love to turn into some sort of wild animal. It just seems a cooler thing to be than some old zombie with its guts hangin' out. While that design was interesting, it wasn't what I really wanted for this character. So here ya go! Hopefully this comes across as frightening and creepy and not just weird!

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