Thursday, 3 December 2015

Character sketch - Monsterus

Ok, I have to finalize some designs now, as I'm going to be moving forward with the rest of issue #1. Here's my tentatively final Monsterus. In case you're wondering, the little kid is Russell, a 12 year old "supernatural" who can transform himself into a giant monster. (Monster Rus, as in Russell is a monster. Pure genius :) Anywho, I think I like it, but I'll have to see what he looks like as I try to draw him smashing up the zombies. Look at little Rus. Don't piss him off!

A quick update: I've basically finished my issue #1 script, so I'm about ready to start drawing! Yay! Problem is it's now Christmas and a very busy time of year, so I'll probably be going at it in fits and starts.

In other Heroes Rising news: I also finished my "beat sheet" for the story arc "Crossing Over". I discovered the "beat sheet" while looking around online for writing advice. It's a great tool to get the overall structure of your story. It was developed by a screenwriter name Blake Snyder. Here's the website dedicated to him (as he passed away in 2009):

It has tonnes of great tools to help you hammer out the structure of your script. The beat sheet format is probably the most useful tool I've come across, as it forces you to figure out the bare bones structure of your entire story. In the past I'd come up with a great premise and setup, but after the first 'catalyst' event, my story would just trail off into confusion because I didn't know how to structure the second and third acts. The beat sheet really changed how I figure out a story.
I found this blog site that explains each 'beat' in detail:

I'm thinking I'll post my beat sheet when I've cleaned it up a bit. Stay tuned! And more sketches to come!


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