Friday, 4 September 2015

Heroes Rising at FANEXPO!! Days 1 and 2

I'm at FanExpo in Toronto and loving every minute of it!

It's great to finally be here! If you recall I made the decision to go to FanExpo a few months back. (here) It's hard to believe I actually pulled it off!

I finished the Heroes Rising preview in the first weeks of July. I had the comic printed up at Staples just last week. The Staples copy staff were extremely helpful, and despite some hiccups with the stapling (ironically for Staples), the prints turned out awesome.

But that was just the beginning. I had to organize my table setup. So I created a number of graphics for my table (including a couple of gigantic banners. Thanks Vistaprint! Fantastic service and reasonably priced. Only $45 for a 6 foot vinyl banner. Thank god I drew my original artwork at 1200 dpi)

I also made a number of 'postcard' bookmarks with my info on them to hand out. So far they've worked out really well. And my brilliant wife came up with the idea of the candy bowl to entice customers. Works like a charm! She even put the little info stickers on them herself, bless her!

Here's some more pics of the Artist Alley during setup early Thursday morning:

Now a bit on my experience as an exhibitor. Since this is my first time exhibiting at a major comic con, you'll have to excuse me as I gush a bit.


It's sooooo awesome!

It's great being on the "other side of the table", walking in with my exhibitor pass and seeing everything get set up. I love it. When the crowds piled in, and the aisle in front of my table was so packed no one could move, I felt like I was in a tiny little cabin, cozy and safe while a storm raged outside. It's fascinating seeing this endless stream of humanity going by. So many faces, personalities and costumes. I'm endlessly fascinated by all these different types of people walking by, all connected by their love for geeky pop culture-y stuff, all who seem to reflect different aspects of what makes me one of them.

It's been awesome talking to other artists and fans of comics and getting people's reaction to my work. While I didn't know what this experience would bring, so far it's been overwhelmingly positive. I've even sold a few books! Hope the next two days are just as fun and exhausting!

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