Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A New Hope for The Force Awakens

I've been burned before. I waited for "the Phantom Menace" like a kid at Christmas, hoping for a movie of the ages. Instead I got a big lump of coal. So when the Force Awakens was announced, I shrugged. Sucking seemed to be in it's DNA. But after watching the 2015 Comic Con show reel, I feel a new hope inside that the people making this film actually get it.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Heroes Rising preview alternate cover - yep, I redid the colours

I realized the colours on the original were bad, so I changed them. So there! I also changed Ms. Specter's design a little, adding a blue cape/cloak thing. It worked better as I was drawing out her panels. Much more mysterious. I also decided I wanted her front and center, so I moved one of the background zombies out of the way. I love layers! Thanks mr. computer! Anyway, enjoy!

Finished Heroes Rising art - Jack brings the wrath

Here come the finished panels! Yay! It's nice to finally see this thing come together. Here's Jack taking on a zombie, with mixed results.