Monday, 25 May 2015

My Fake Hostess Ad and My Aspirations to Become a Corporate Shill

So I decided to draw a fake Hostess Twinkies ad in my Heroes Rising preview as a gag.

This ad took me about a week to draw (thanks to my real life getting in the way all the time. What use, really, is eating and sleeping?) I used Photoshop to 'age' the ad and make it look like the old half-tone comic book pages of decades past. So here it is:

I had so much fun doing this stupid ad that it's made me question my deeper motivations for working on it in the first place.

I really liked these old ads when I was a kid. I don't know why. They were usually beautifully drawn (some of them any way), and I liked the short, contained story they told. I also ate a lot of Twinkies back then, so maybe I just liked seeing superheroes eating what I liked!

Ultimately, I'm thinking I did it because it gives my characters more legitimacy somehow. It's fun to imagine that Heroes Rising could become successful enough that a big snack-making company would want the Specters to sell cakes. I also thought it would be a funny way to end my preview issue.

Would I sell my characters out to shill snack cakes? Yeah, probably. Though I'm pretty sure I ate my last Twinkie about twenty years ago once I discovered how wretched they made my feel. And I sure as hell wouldn't let my kids eat them. Hostess recently announced they increased their shelf-life to 45 days, which makes me cringe thinking about the chemistry involved. So call me a hypocrite. I say, you want to eat Twinkies, go ahead. My fictional characters love 'em!

I've inked and colored 4 pages of my preview, I'll be posting those soon. I got a little side-tracked by the ad, and spent way too much time on it. But it was too fun!

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